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Junior Unit

Our Red Cross Junior Units, as members of the International Red Cross Movement, are responsible to protect life and health, serve the community and put the spirit of humanity in action. These uniformed units are attached to primary schools, children's centers and our Red Cross Divisional Headquarters, and members are aged from 8 to 12.


Uniqueness of Activities

Through a progressive mode of training, members are nurtured to:

  • develop leadership skills; and
  • train to have a good awareness about health and to have good discipline; and
  • become responsible citizens in the community; and
  • participate in different types of activities, including training, community services, friendship and international exchanges, etc. to broaden their fields of global visions.


Progressive Activities Mode



1. Protecting life and health

Training on first aid skills, fire prevention and household safety knowledge, health-check skills, etc.

2. Serving the community

Serving others by beginning service at home, organizing services at school and serving the needy in the community so as to nurture the spirit of voluntary service.

3. Enhancing friendship and mutual understanding

Through different recreational and group activities, and international exchange activities to encourage members to broaden their horizons and their social circles, to understand and accept others, and to establish friendships.

4. Promoting the spirit of the Red Cross

Promoting the Red Cross' spirit of humanity through lessons, ceremonies, promotion efforts and big events.

5. Attaining personal growth

Through marching, group life and skills training to help members develop into responsible and confident citizens in the community.


Other Activities

The annual big events include:

  • First aid competition
  • First Aid Competition
  • Joint enrolment and award presentation ceremony
  • Red 7 Challenge Day
  • Junior Members of the Year Selection
  • International friendship activities, etc.


Junior Units - Participating Schools



Junior members practice knotting together.
JU members participate in the combine enrollment.
Junior members practice drill to reinforce their discipline.
JU members are learning health check skill and preparing for health check service.


JU members actively participate in community service.
 Junior members are learning and practicing first aid skills to help the casualties
How to Join

At the moment, all activities and training of our Red Cross Uniformed Groups are conducted in Cantonese, and most of our reference materials are in Chinese. Due to resource limitations, HKRC have not conducted any solely-English-speaking uniformed groups.

If you are from the English speaking communities in Hong Kong and are interested in knowing more about our Uniformed Groups and other ways of participation, please contact us: Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Development Service


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