Hong Kong Red Cross - Youth Development


Youth Development

Definition of Red Cross Youth (RCY)

The terms of "youth" and "young people" in HKRC cover people in the age range of 12 to 35 years. "Youth" is a heterogeneous group with diverse backgrounds, expertise, skill sets, and needs which requires appropriate human development approaches for meaningful engagement.
The term  "youth engagement" refers to youth-led action and youth development. It speaks to an active and meaningful participation of youth and inclusion of their voice in the humanitarian work across governance, management, programs and service delivery.  


Roles of Youth

We value youth in HK community and RC movement, 3 interconnecting and fluid pathways of engagement are recognized as below:

Youth as Leaders

  1. Young people, including members, volunteers, and staff members, taking a lead as agents of change in different capacities and duration are considered young leaders, which foster community resilience.
  2. The vehicle for transforming institutional cultures that directly and positively impacts operational capacity to deliver the humanitarian mission
  3. Keeper and transmitter of institutional memory for the purpose of transfer of knowledge through intergenerational dialogues.

Youth as Volunteers

  1. Young people who dedicate their time to contribute to their communities and are not motivated in any manner by desire for gain, are considered young volunteers.
  2. Key drivers in humanitarian actions and development.
  3. Contributors to prevent and alleviate human suffering and promote and protect human dignity and peace.

Youth as Beneficiaries

  1. Young beneficiaries are those children, adolescents, and young adults, as well as the members of the affected community, participate in, benefit from, and/or are empowered by HKRC programs and services.
  2. They are not passive receivers of aid. On the contrary, young beneficiaries are involved in the planning, design, delivery, and review of HKRC programs and services affecting them.
  3. HKRC supports young beneficiaries of each age category with opportunities to advance their personal and professional development so they can achieve their aspirations and give back to their communities.   


Youth Engagement 

In order to facilitate youth engagement and development, levels of engagement enable youth to design their humanitarian journey according to their capacities and experience. 


Activities of Red Cross Youth

Red Cross Uniform Group, Volunteer Development Group and International Participant acted as a platform for young people to participate Red Cross Movement, cultivated young people with values and spirits of humanitarian and volunteerism.