Hong Kong Red Cross - Tracing Service - FAQ


Tracing Service - FAQ

1. How does Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) assist individuals to locate family members? 

If the lost family member resides in Hong Kong:

  • Review the Hong Kong telephone directory and make contact with individuals bearing the same name as the lost family member; 
  • Visit the last known residential address of the lost family member; 
  • Send letters to relevant government departments or public and private organizations for assistance to access and review their records and to forward the tracing letter to the lost family member;
  • Publish tracing notices on the HKRC homepage and newspapers.

If the lost family member resides overseas, the HKRC will contact the relevant Red Cross for assistance.

2. How long does it take to trace a lost family member after submitting the Tracing Enquiry Form? 

  • The length of time needed to successfully locate the lost family member depends on the nature of the case, the amount of information provided by the enquirer, the possible ways of tracing etc. In the past, HKRC has successfully located a lost family member in as little as one month. On the other hand, the organization has also experienced cases lasting over one year. 
  • If the organization cannot successfully locate the lost family member in Hong Kong after 1.5 years, the case will be closed and placed in the HKRC tracing database. For overseas tracing requests, the maximum time for tracing is fixed at 2.5 years.

3. I live overseas and wish to trace a family member who lives in H.K. Can I register a tracing enquiry in the HKRC? 

If you live overseas or in Mainland China, you have to contact your local Red Cross or Red Crescent Society which will then refer your case to the HKRC for tracing service. 

 4. Are there any charges for the Tracing Service? 

The Tracing Service is free of charge. We are funded by The Community Chest and supported by the public donations to cover our routine expenditures. To donate in support of our service, please feel free to contact us at (852) 2507 7135 or email to tracing@redcross.org.hk.