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Local Disaster Relief and Disaster Preparedness

Local Disaster Relief Service - Introduction



The Local Disaster Relief Service provides local emergency supports to maintain daily living needs for people affected by local disasters or emergencies, cases referred by government departments and other social service organizations; and provides relevant pre-disaster and post-disaster support services for people living in high-risk areas to reduce losses caused by natural disasters.


Local Disaster Relief Service

The Local Disaster Relief Service began in 1951, providing emergency supplies (such as clothing, daily necessities, etc.) to local people affected by natural disasters or emergencies or cases referred by government departments and social service organizations to help them cope with daily necessities.


The Local Disaster Relief Service has a handling center in the Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters in West Kowloon, which is stored with clothing bundles, sweaters, jackets, blankets, quilts, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoos, adult & child medical masks, alcohol hand sanitizer and other relief materials, to ensure effective responding to the community sudden accidents and referral cases.


The Hong Kong Red Cross is the only organization that supports the Social Welfare Department to provide 24-hour emergency local disaster relief service.


Besides, the service also provides humanitarian supports to residents in high-risk areas vulnerable to natural disasters or emergencies.  For examples, providing electrical appliances/furniture elevation services before the disaster, restoration after the disaster and post-disaster clean-up services.


Service Target

The Local Disaster Relief Service targets people who are affected by local disasters or emergencies, cases referred by government departments and social service organizations, and people living in high-risk areas.


Distribution of relief materials to the affected people in To Kwa Wan balcony collapsed accident


For matters relating to local disaster relief service, please contact us at
International and Relief Service Department (Local Disaster Relief Service), Hong Kong Red Cross Head Office
Tel: (852) 2507 7181
Fax: (852) 3103 4083
Address: 19 Hoi Ting Road, West Kowloon, Hong Kong

Email: local@redcross.org.hk


Local Disaster Relief Service
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Disaster Preparedness Service


Disaster Preparedness Service for High Risk Group

People living in squatter areas, low-lying areas and sub-divided units always have higher risks of exposure and vulnerability to disasters due to poor environmental conditions and inaccessible. In view of this, the Local Disaster Preparedness Service team aims to initiate different activities to high risk groups / communities to enhance their awareness and ability to respond to disasters. Trained volunteers will organize and participate in various types of disaster preparedness activities, such as home visits, talks and carnivals.  It is believed that through the implementation of different measures to strengthen the awareness and capacity of participant, the hazard exposure and vulnerability to disaster will be reduced.

Dissemination of power safety knowledge to the residents of squatter area

Disaster Preparedness Service Reports

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The service is partially funded by the Social Welfare Department and the Community Chest