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Overcome the Pandemic Together

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The COVID-19 pandemic has persisted for three years. The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) has walked together through the pandemic with the Hong Kong public and provided essential support to vulnerable groups since January 2020. During the 5th wave pandemic, the HKRC has set up the "COVID-19 Support Hotline*" and "COVID-19 Information Platform*" as a one-stop platform for the latest COVID-19 measures and health information, as well as HKRC and other social services information, to provide psychological support services, food parcels, COVID-19 prevention kits, rapid antigen test kits, etc. according to needs, especially for the vulnerable. The Hotline had received over 13,000 calls, with our wish is to tide over everyone in the city amidst difficulties.


*As the needs related to the pandemic have changed, the "COVID-19 Support Hotline*" and "COVID-19 Information Platform*" stood down on 20 November 2022. However, HKRC will continue to respond to humanitarian needs related to the pandemic through our other services.


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