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Nomination & Candidacy


Eligibility of Candidate

  • A Hong Kong Resident irrespective of gender, nationality and race
  • Nominee can only be nominated in name of an individual
  • Voluntary acts should not be prompted in any manner by desire for gain
  • The humanitarian act should be committed from 1 Jan 2023 to 31 Dec 2023
  • If the nominee has passed away, the period between cessation of the nominee activities and submission of the application nomination must not exceed one year

Hong Kong Humanity Award

  • No age limit
  • Nominee should perform outstanding humanitarian act proactively or participate in long-term humanitarian contribution as a paragon
  • Nominee's voluntary humanitarian acts beyond the scope of his/her paid job duties are the main area of assessment

Hong Kong Humanity Youth Power

  • Aged 35 or below (as of 31 March 2024)
  • Nominee should perform humanitarian act proactively and continuously
  • Nominee's voluntary humanitarian acts beyond the scope of his/her paid job duties are the main area of assessment

Nomination Procedure

  • A candidate must be nominated by not more than two individuals or organisations and cannot be self-nominated
  • The nominator must be aged 18 or above, or be a company or organisation registered in Hong Kong
  • The candidate cannot be nominated by a relative
  • Members of the Selection Panel are not eligible for nomination or to make nomination
  • The nominator (individual or organisation) can only make one nomination in one single year

Submission of Nomination Form

  • “Hong Kong Humanity Award 2024” accepts online, by mail or in-person nomination
  • The online nomination form must be filled in through the "Hong Kong Humanity Award 2024" online registration  system (this website) on or before HKT 5:00pm on 28th June, 2024 (Friday)
  • The nomination form delivered by mail or in-person must reach the Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters (Address: 19 Hoi Ting Road, West Kowloon, Hong Kong) by HKT 5:00 pm (according to the postmark) on 28th June, 2024 (Friday). Please mark “Hong Kong Humanity Award 2024" on the envelope
  • The nomination form must be confirmed by the nominator(s) and the candidate
  • The nominator should describe the humanitarian behavior carried out by the candidate, including the years of service and his/her philosophy, in no more than 800 words. Supporting document(s) and recommendation letter(s) are not required

Selection Procedures

  • Short-listed candidate is required to attend a selection interview on 5th October, 2024 (Saturday)

Result Announcement

  • Awardees and his/her nominator(s) must attend the Award Presentation Ceremony
  • Awardees will be accepted to attend all media interviews pre-arranged by the organiser(s) and activities related to the promotion of humanitarian spirit thereafter

Important Dates

  • 28th June, 2024 (Friday)                

Nomination deadline

  • 5th October, 2024 (Saturday)

Selection interview

  • 11th January, 2025 (Saturday)

Award Presentation Ceremony


* The organisers reserve the rights to the final decision of the nomination rules and judging schedule.