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About HK Humanity Award

The Hong Kong Humanity Award is organised by the Hong Kong Red Cross. Launched in 2007, it is the very first award of its kind in Hong Kong which aims to give tribute to individuals in society who exemplify the very spirit of humanity by putting it into practice and action. Through honouring their humanitarian deeds, the organisers hope more people will know about the universal value of humanity, spreading humanitarianism to all levels of society. Since 2007, more than 80 individuals were commended by the Award.


Hong Kong Humanity Award

“Protect human life, Care for the health of the vulnerable, Respect human dignity”. These are the core elements of humanity. The award recognises people with outstanding humanitarian contributions in these three aspects.


Hong Kong Humanity Youth Power

In recognition of the devotion and contribution of the youth generation to humanity, the Hong Kong Humanity Youth Power award encourages young people in humanity service to put into practice and help disseminate the humanitarian spirit.


The spirit of humanity


Protect human life

Take deliberate effort to save lives under threat of danger, and measures to remove life-threatening conditions, so as to effectively ensure protection and sustainment of human life.

Care for the health of the vulnerable Through direct assistance, such as care, support and services to help alleviate the plight of those whose physiological or psychological health conditions are in distress, yet with insufficient capability to address the problem themselves.
respect human dignity Every person is entitled to certain basic rights representing the integrity and value of human existence, which should not be deprived. Every effort should be made in the advocacy and respect of such rights.