Hong Kong Red Cross - The Awardee of 2020 Hong Kong Humanity Youth Power - Mr Dennis Cheung Pak-shun


The Awardee of 2020 Hong Kong Humanity Youth Power - Mr Dennis Cheung Pak-shun


"Humanitarian spirit is to inspire and change lives."



Walk with Ex-Drug Abusers in the Journey of Rehabilitation

In 2007, Mr Dennis Cheung Pak-shun had a serious illness which has changed his life, "The doctor told me I only have a few months to live. I asked myself, is this the end of my life?" When Mr Cheung was young, he failed to set goals in life and just lived his days aimlessly. His family and friends kept encouraging him during the treatment period and accompanied him to exercise. After recovering from the illness, his life was also rewritten.

Mr Cheung then finished his master's degree and became a registered social worker to support ex-drug abusers. Due to his previous experience of illness, he is able to put himself in the shoes of an ex-drug abuser. "Many drug addicts cannot see their own value and lack of motivation to change. I hope to help them reach their potential through the WeCycle programme." WeCycle is a cycling tour guided by rehabilitating or rehabilitated drug addicts. The tour guides are required to complete trainings and pass regular drug tests. "Drug taking has become a social activity among drug users. If they want to withdraw from that community completely, they have to find another hobby to replace that." The cycling team helps the ex-drug abusers to form a fellowship. Rehabilitation will be much easier with the encouragement from each other. "Cycling is similar to rehabilitation, as long as you give an effort, you shall move forward."

New Identity for Ex-Drug Abusers to Contribute to Society

The cycling tour gives the ex-drug abusers a new mission and a new role. In the past, they might be those who needed help, but WeCycle has made them to be a leader contributing to the society, "Recently, they even volunteered to visit and give haircut to elderly, hoping to remove the stigma of ex-drug abusers in the public." No matter how imperfect people are, as long as we keep looking, they will have their own way to shine.