Hong Kong Red Cross - The awardee of the Second Hong Kong Humanity Award - Mrs Priscilla LUI TSANG Sun-kai


The awardee of the Second Hong Kong Humanity Award - Mrs Priscilla LUI TSANG Sun-kai

Mrs Priscilla Lui Tsang Sun-kai is instrumental in advocating a child perspective and collective responsibility in the community and in piloting various innovative programmes over the years to prevent children being abused. She was the administrator of Against Child Abuse (ACA) back in 1979 when ACA was still an‘ Action Group'. She rejoined the agency as the Director in 1983, a position which she still holds.

To strengthen the community's commitment to Zero Tolerance of Violence Against Children, Mrs Lui introduced to Hong Kong the Antispanking Day each year on the last day of April. As at 2008, over 400 institutions and individuals have headed ACA's call and signed the Declaration to Ban Corporal Punishment. She also strives for the prohibition of leaving children unattended, the prevention of sexual abuse and the promotion of cyber-safety for our children.

One of the highlights of Mrs Lui's life-long achievement is her advocacy for children's rights and her presentation as the Keynote speaker from Hong Kong in the 2008 International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, held in Hong Kong for the first time. The Congress successfully hosted by through much of Mrs Lui's effort, benefited over 700 local and international participants.

Mrs Lui does not devote her time and effort only to children in Hong Kong but is active in spreading the importance of humane treatment of children in other communities such as Singapore, Taiwan, mainland China and notably, on the invitation of the Government of Macau SAR, she is providing professional support and guidance to a relatively new Child Protection Centre in Macau. She also assists multidisciplinary professionals from mainland China to learn about our child protection system and preventive programmes.

One such project responding to changing societal need commenced in 2008 is the Good Parenting Project with trained volunteers led by social workers befriending and visiting new parents of cross-border families. Another is the creation of “Healthy Start” and“ Children Friendly Community in Wong Tai Sin”, again through mentorship by trained volunteers. These programs fully actualize the spirit of prevention better than cure!