South Sudan Crisis Work Report 3: Uganda Response to Population Movement
Fighting along with humanitarian suffering did not cease since the internal conflict break out in December 2013. Rounds of intensified fighting during 2016 has led to an increase in the number of displaced persons. Displaced persons coming from South Sudan is considered the largest displaced group in Africa. As of March 2017, more than 1.9 million people are internally displaced in South Sudan and more than 1.7 million people are seeking refuge in neighboring five countries, including Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Yemen Crisis: Work Report 1
The protracted crisis in Yemen began in March 2015 continue until now. An estimated 3.1 million people are currently internally displaced and 267,000 people are seeking refuge outside the country.
Sri Lanka Floods and Landslide 2017: Work Report 1
Since 25 May 2017, heavy and continuous rainfall caused by the south-western monsoon, has triggered severe floods and landslides in Sri Lanka, reportedly as the worst floods for the country in 14 years.  As of 4 June 2017, 15 districts with over 717,000 people have been affected,14,000 houses destroyed or damaged.  At the peak of the floods more than 300 safe shelters were active accommodating at least 70,000 displaced people. 
NGOs call for greater public support in Hong Kong for East Africa Food Crisis response
John Tsang, Alex Fong, Onyee Ng and Chong Chan Yau Experience ‘A Meal for Meals’

In response to the food crisis threatening many East Africa countries, Hong Kong Red Cross, Oxfam Hong Kong, Plan International Hong Kong, Save the Children Hong Kong and The Amity Foundation issued a joint statement (attached) to arouse public concern in Hong Kong. Together, the aid agencies also launched the social media campaign ‘A Meal for Meals’ for the duration of June in order to raise funds for those affected by the food crisis.

Let’s All Give to Support Humanity
Over 4,500 Volunteers Support Hong Kong Red Cross Flag Day
Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) Flag Day was held on 13 May across the territory. Thanks to the support from the society, over 4,500 volunteers and staff assisted in this event.  Proceeds raised will be used for upkeeping and developing the humanitarian works of the HKRC. The HKRC, pursuant to the cause of humanity and the spirit of volunteer service, is dedicated to protecting human life, caring for the health of the vulnerable and respecting human dignity.
5.12 Sichuan Earthquake 9-year On
An earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale struck Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province on 12 May 2008, with over 10 million people were affected. Upon completion of all reconstruction programmes in 2012, the HKRC continues to support community recovery, livelihood and disaster preparedness programmes in the affected communities throughout the years. 
Nepal Earthquake 2015: Two Years On
Two years after Nepal’s devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake, 19-year-old Gita Magar moved into their new home on a hillside in Ramechhap, the southeast of the capital Kathmandu, with her parents and sisters. Over 800,000 homes were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake, Gita’s family was living in the temporary shelter converted from a cattle shed since the earthquake. With Red Cross support, Gita’s family can have a new start in their brand new stone and timber house.
Africa Food Crisis 2017
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