Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre
50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Celebration

In celebratoin of the 50th anniversary of Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre, a golden jubilee anniversary ceremony was held and officiated by The Hon Mrs. Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region cum Patron of the Hong Kong Red Cross today.

Bangladesh Crises 2017: Work Report 3

Three months since the latest wave of violence in Rakhine state of Myanmar, the number of people fleeing their homes and arriving in Cox Bazar of Bangladesh has reached 621,000. Those who have sought safety in Bangladesh are living in extremely harsh condition: in sprawling camps with rudimentary shelter - often made only of plastic sheeting and bamboo, challenges such as lack of safe living shelter, safe water and food, basic living commodities, sanitation facilities as well as potential spread of diseases are still haunting the temporary camp areas. Local and International humanitarian agencies including the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement has increased their efforts drastically, targeting to meet the escalated survival needs of the migrants.

Cuba, Hurricane Irma: Work Report 1
During early September 2017, Hurricane Irma, a powerful category 5 hurricane impacted Barbuda, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Anguilla, Virgin Islands and Florida in the United States of America as well as Cuba with strong winds, heavy rains and coastal floods.  In Cuba alone, 10 people were killed and more than 10 million people were affected in 14 out of the country’s 15 provinces. According to reports, 90% of the national territory reported different extent of damages in shelter, energy and water supply.  Over 158,000 homes, 960 medical clinics and 1,400 educational facilities were damaged. In addition, the hurricane has severely affected the agricultural sector, with over 390,000 hectares of crops destroyed.
Hong Kong Red Cross Annual Meeting 2017
Remarkable Achievements of Humanitarian Works
Hearty Gratitude to Relentless Support from Various Sectors
The Hong Kong Red Cross Annual Meeting 2017 was held today (24 Nov), at which new HKRC Chairman Mrs Ivy Wu chaired the Meeting, and  introduced the“5-Year Strategic Plan 2017-2022”.
The 15th Anniversary of “Pass-it-On Campaign”
Share “Love & Care” across the World by “Love & Found”!
The HKRC annual fundraising campaign, “Pass-it-On” is stepping into its 15th anniversary with a theme “Love & Found”. Chief Ambassador, Mr. Alex Fong and the Campaign icon, “Reddie Bear” led us travelling to the past, tracing the humanitarian footprints of the HKRC, and exploring more love and care experiences in the future.
Bangladesh Crises 2017
Bangladesh has been affected by heavy rainfall and cyclones since May this year, serious flooding made devastated damages in half of the country areas. In the past weeks, thousands of people have fled from the violence in Myanmar, crossed the border into Bangladesh. Over 8 million people in Bangladesh are in urgent needs of humanitarian support. Please donate and support the Red Cross and Red Crescent emergency operations in the affected areas.
Hong Kong Red Cross Donor Award Ceremony 2017
Connect and Develop the Humanitarian Platform Together
The HKRC held its annual Donor Award Ceremony on 26 Oct 2017 in recognition of the generosity and support from different corporations, organizations and donors. In the year 2016/17, we received nearly HK$100 million donations from the general public which enables us to provide timely humanitarian services during crises and emergencies, to conduct on-going post-disaster recovery and disaster preparedness, to provide humanitarian services in a stable manner, and to carry out educational programmes to engage more people to participate in humanitarian work.
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