Indonesia Lombok Earthquake Leads to Large Scale Displacement
Hundreds of Thousands of People are Affected and many in Urgent need of Humanitarian Support
Hong Kong Red Cross Appeals for Donation for Relief Operations
Three major earthquakes, which are all above Richter scale magnitude 6.2, struck off Lombok Island that lies in the province of West Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia on 29 July, 5 August and 9 August respectively. Within the past two weeks, reportedly at least 576 aftershocks. According to the official figures from the Indonesian national authority, over 436 people has lost their precious lives because of the disaster. An overall estimation on population affected reached 680,000. Threat of aftershocks still remains, many roads are blocked that hindered search and rescue, as well as process of damage assessment. Emergency relief efforts are also in utmost urgency as the monsoon season is projected to begin in September in the affected region, which often accompany with strong winds and rains that may further jeopardize transportation of essential relief items.
Indonesia Earthquake 2018: Work Report 1
Three major earthquakes struck off Lombok Island that lies in the province of West Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia. On 5 August, a Richter scale magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit the area with epicenter in North Lombok, which was already impacted by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake on 29 July with epicenter in East Lombok. Yesterday, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck again the same area. Within the past two weeks, reportedly at least 362 aftershocks.
Indonesia Earthquake 2018: Information Bulletin 1
Two major earthquakes struck off Lombok, the province of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia on 29 July and 5 August 2018 respectively. Hundreds of aftershocks have followed.
Greece Wildfires 2018: Work Report 1
Several wildfires hit Greece primarily on the outskirts of Athens. The first fire started on 23 July in western Attica and within a few hours, the fire has spread to the coastal region of Rafina. Due to hot temperatures and strong winds, the fires spread very quickly and caused widespread devastation. More than 90 people has lost their lives, some 200 people injured, in addition, more than 1,300 houses were also destroyed or damaged. Much of the infrastructures have been severely impacted in those areas.
Yunnan Zhaotong Earthquake 4 Years On Work Report
In Ludian County of Zhaotong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, an earthquake at magnitude 6.5 with a focal depth about 12 km took place on 3 August 2014. About 4,000 people were killed or injured, with more than 210,000 houses seriously damaged or collapsed. The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) completed all relief activities in September 2014. And, our reconstruction projects, as well as community educations and trainings are also completed by now. The total number of beneficiaries is estimated at 200,000 person-times.
Lao People’s Democratic Republic flash floods 2018: Work Report 1
Following days of heavy rain and floods, on the evening of 23 July, a hydroelectric dam collapsed in the Attapeu Province of Laos which caused massive flash floods in at least 8 downstream villages and 12,000 people have been affected. The agricultural industry and local livelihoods are expected to be heavily impacted as flood water has destroyed crops and livestock. At this moment, access to reach the affected communities have been difficult as major roads and bridges have also been damaged.
China Flood 2018: Work Report 1
Since the monsoon season started this year, continuous rainstorms, hailstorms, typhoons and other adverse weather has caused widespread floods in China. At least 10 provinces, including Sichuan, Gansu, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Zhejiang and Guangdong are affected by floods. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, more than 5 million people affected, 400,000 people were evacuated. 2,000 houses were damaged, with an economic loss of over RMB10 billion.
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