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International Relief and Preparedness Projects


International & Relief Service


We support the Red Cross and Red Crescent global network 
to provide much needed assistance to people affected by 
natural and man-made disasters and 
to enhance the capacity of vulnerable communities to cope with disasters. 


The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement aims at alleviating the sufferings of the most vulnerable people after disasters, by both short-term and long-term means, regardless their race, belief or affiliation. As a member of this world's biggest humanitarian movement, the Hong Kong Red Cross provides the following services:

Emergency Relief

Disasters cause death, injuries, shocked and homeless population, property loss, leaving people in desperate need of help from others. The Hong Kong Red Cross has been offering emergency relief assistance, locally and abroad, to people affected by natural and man-made disasters since 1950. Assistance usually includes food, water, warm clothing and medication as well as psychological support. Our objective is to protect human life and health of the affected population, and to help them survive through this critical time. The work is often done in collaboration with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent network, local authorities and other humanitarian organizations.


Rehabilitation & Recovery

The effects of a disaster on human life are usually long lasting and diversified, holding the affected people back from returning to a normal life. Thus, the Hong Kong Red Cross actively helps them to rebuild their communities after emergency phase by reconstructing homes, health facilities, water supply facilities and so on, as well as restoring livelihoods, in order to assist them back to normal living as soon as possible.


Disaster Preparedness & Development

Many regions are at risk from disasters and some simply fail to recover before another catastrophe strikes. Shattered families, homes, schools, roads and livelihoods take years to repair, let alone rebuild and recover in a way more resilient to the next disaster. To address this problem, the Hong Kong Red Cross commits itself to Disaster Preparedness and Development programs which aim to tackle the root causes of disasters. Programs such as advocacy on risk-awareness and training on disaster response and preparedness skills are carried out to ensure people have adequate knowledge on disasters and life-saving skills. Development programs in disaster risk reduction and community capacity building are also being explored.


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