Hong Kong Red Cross - Yunnan Zhaotong Earthquake 4 Years On Work Report


Yunnan Zhaotong Earthquake 4 Years On Work Report


In Ludian County of Zhaotong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, an earthquake at magnitude 6.5 with a focal depth about 12 km took place on 3 August 2014. About 4,000 people were killed or injured, with more than 210,000 houses seriously damaged or collapsed. The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) completed all relief activities in September 2014. And, our reconstruction projects, as well as community educations and trainings are also completed by now. The total number of beneficiaries is estimated at 200,000 person-times.

Hong Kong Red Cross Actions

Donation Allocation

*To support reconstruction and disaster preparedness programmes, the HKRC has mobilized   HKD 38.3 million from our “China Relief Fund”. The total budget for reconstruction and disaster preparedness programmes is about HKD 45.1 million.


The HKRC relief personnel reached the affected areas on the second day of the earthquake. During emergency phase, a total of 11 staff and volunteers were deployed to support emergency relief services in the field.

More than 200,000 people became homeless after the earthquake and the HKRC medical volunteers organized health promotion activities in temporary shelters.

The HKRC supported local prosthetic and orthotic service for quake affected patients.

The house of Wang Kai-long was seriously damaged by the earthquake and needed to be rebuilt. “The engineer of the HKRC came to guide us for house building for more than five times. Now the quality and safety of my house is secured. I feel safe even if there would be another earthquake in the future. Besides, I have gained a lot of knowledge about house building in the process. I am confident to offer help if my neighbours need to build their houses.”

The HKRC engineers conducted on-site inspection to ensure the quality of the structure of construction work are up to safety standard.

The HKRC supported 1,081 families with financial difficulties in Ludian County, Qiaojia County and Zhaoyang District to rebuild their houses. All of them have already moved in to their new homes.

While implementing post-earthquake reconstruction projects, the HKRC also supported the local communities through collective disaster preparedness planning, and organizing “build-back-better”, disaster preparedness educations and trainings.

Please call 2802-0016 or fax to 2802-0017, or email to relief@redcross.org.hk.