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Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management Advanced Certificate Course

The Hong Kong Red Cross "Community Resilience Service" is dedicated to enhancing the confidence and capabilities of different community groups in responding to disasters, thus improving community resilience.

Emergencies such as pandemic, major car incidents, building fires, and large-scale power outages can affect our daily lives and operation of various industries at any time. In addition, increasingly frequent extreme weather events have caused various disasters, including the record-breaking hottest summer in 2023, "once-in-a-century rainfall," severe flooding and landslides. All of these remind us the need to be prepared for emergencies as early as possible

The Community Resilience Service is going to organize the Hong Kong Red Cross Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management Advanced Certificate Course in 2024. The target audiences include social services sector, education sector, property management, uniformed groups, public institutions, and government departments. Participants will be better equipped to respond to emergencies at an individual or organizational level, and becoming a disaster preparedness expert in their workplace.

Sidelights of the previous course 

“The topic‘Basic Concept on Emergency Response’ was new to me.

We always underrate, although it is closely related to our daily lives.”

——learner Cora 

“Since I need to face a large group of crowds……

This course guides us on how to communicate with the crowds and how to deal with emergencies.”

—— learner Ryan

“we needed basic first aid when we were physically injured,

but I didn’t know that first aid can also be applied in a psychological way……

The instructors delivered the course in a simple and direct way and easy for us to get the most out of the course.

Whether it is in professional setting or in daily life, we can always make use of it.”

——learner Vincent 




Course structure  

The course is comprised of 4 topics, as follows: 

Emergency Response & Preparedness Participants will understand the principles of disaster management, as well as the measures to be taken in prevention, response, and recovery. Recognize the importance of community engagement in handling emergencies.
First Aid and Emergency scenario handlingParticipants will understand the First Aid principles and basic skills, and strengthen their coordination and leadership in responding to emergencies.
Basic Psychological First Aid (Basic PFA) Participants will gain understanding of PFA principles and common stress reactions, and the use of psychological support skills to help others in distress to boost their resilience and coping abilities in adversities.  
Elementary Business Continuity Planning Participants will gain understanding of the concepts and processes of business continuity planning, including risk assessment, business impact analysis, and business continuity plan, etc. 

*All modules will be delivered by qualified trainers and experienced humanitarian practitioners. 


Course Information

SessionDate and TimeVenue
1st Session:29/8/2024 (Thur)- 10:00-13:005/F Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters
2nd Session29/8/2024 (Thur)- 14:30-17:30
3rd Session30/8/2024 (Fri)- 10:00-13:00
4th Session30/8/2024 (Fri)- 14:30-17:30
Course Duration: 12Hours


Quota: 30 person

Language: Cantonese supplemented by English materials 

Admission Fee: HK$1,200 (including teaching materials, supplies and certificate)

Eligibility for Enrollment:

  1. Aged 18 or above and
  2. Personnel involved in emergency planning and disaster management in their professional capacity and with a role at managerial level, including but not limited to those in the social welfare sector, education sector, property management, uniformed groups, public institutions, and government departments, are given priority.
  3. Provide reference on job position, e.g. staff card or company reference letter.

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#Note 1: Please be punctual to attend all class sessions and examinations. It will be regarded as being absent if students arrive late and leave early for more than 15 minutes during class session.

#Note 2: Once payment completed for this course, it is not possible to change class, and non-transferable and non-refundable.

#Note 3: HKRC reserves the right to make changes to the course content, schedule, and admission procedures.


For further enquiries, please contact Hong Kong Red Cross Community Resilience Service at:

Tel: 2507 7069/ 25142253 Email: 


More about community resilience training or other relevant information, please browse the websites of Hong Kong Red Cross: