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Community Health Education Project "Five Stars Health, Five Stars Home"


In 2003, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak threatened our life and health in Hong Kong. In order to prevent the threats coming up with infection diseases, families and neighbours should support and encourage mutually to establish a personal hygiene habit, maintain a healthy body and healthy environment. To achieve this, the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) has commenced '5 Stars Health 5 Stars Home' Community Health Education Project in Tai Po district in the same year to promote public hygiene and community health. Through collaborating with government departments, local organizations and neighborhoods, health message was delivered to families in the district. HKRC hope that all residents concern the health and environment hygiene of their families and maintain a healthy lifestyle continuously so that they will not flinch from the threatening of any infectious diseases. 
To continue the successful experience in Tai Po district, the project was extended to Tuen Mun district and Kwai Tsing district in 2004 and 2006 respectively based on the assessment of community needs. In accordance with the project objectives, HKRC collaborated with local organizations in implementing a series of health promotion activities so as to develop a community health promotion network. At present, we are actively expanding this project to other districts in Hong Kong. It is hoped that residents of all districts will work together to build a healthy community with a healthy lifestyle and to prevent and alleviate injuries and illnesses by uniting and helping each other. 



  1. To heighten public awareness on personal hygiene and household safety; 
  2. To advocate a healthy lifestyle in a community setting; 
  3. To build and strengthen the local community network and inter-sectoral collaboration so as to establish a healthy and safe community;
  4. To develop the opportunities of community participation and encourage the public to exert the volunteering spirit.


Service Targets
Families and local organizations in all districts of Hong Kong.


Scope of Service
Based on community participation concepts, HKRC collaborates with local organizations to organize various community health education activities to enhance public awareness of health.  Our services include Health Talk,  Basic Health Checks, Health Roving Exhibition, Health Promotion Day, 'Health Ambassador' Training Programme, Publication on 'Healthy Friends News' and "Health Express", Elderly First aid workshop, Elderly CPR & AED workshop, First aid for The disabled workshop, Community Health and safety ambassador workshop. To apply for the above services, please click "Join us Now" below.


'5 Stars' represents high quality, HKRC hopes that the public concern about personal and family's health as well as enjoy life so as to be the real '5 Stars Family'!

Through the 'Health Guide Book (HGB)', pledged families could review their health and personal hygiene status by conducting a self-test and form their own objectives to improve their health. Following the health education guideline in the HGB, pledged Families can improve their health practice gradually. After that, committed families were invited to join as Hong Kong Red Cross 'Healthy Friends', who will receive health information and participate in health promotion activities regularly in order to penetrate the health message in the community. Besides, HKRC encourages the public to join the '5 Stars Health Ambassador' Training Programme to be a '5 Stars Health Ambassador' who promote health message in the community. Meanwhile, HKRC affiliate with a local organization in collaborating with different health education activities to offer the platform of community participation.



Apply for our health promotion programs now

Healthy Friend News

Health Express

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Hong Kong Red Cross "Health Education Station"



[Introduction video of Health Education Station -  A day of Health Education Truck] 

(Click the picture below to see the video)


Hong Kong Red Cross has now launched the "Health Education Station" Roving Exhibition. It travels across the city to bring you a one-stop platform for complimentary medical check-ups. Registered medics shall answer your enquiries and send you gifts with health information simultaneously. To improve your health, you can also join our workshops covering different topics such as cooking, exercise, and mental health etc.

To keep abreast of the "Health Education Station", please refer to our full schedule or the table below: 


Schedule of "Health Education Station" in June and July 2024

24/6/2024, 25/6/2024, 28/6/2024 (Blood pressure and body fat measurement suspended on 28/6)*  (10:00 – 17:00)

Tak Yu House, Tak Long Estate, Kai Tak


10/7/2024, 11/7/2024, 12/7/2024 (Blood pressure and body fat measurement suspended on 12/7)*  (10:00 – 17:00)

Wai Man House, Oi Man Estate, Ho Man Tin


15/7/2024, 16/7/2024, 18/7/2024*  (10:00 – 17:00)

Ka Bong Lau, Ka Wai Chuen, Hung Hom


22/7/2024, 24/7/2024, 26/7/2024*  (10:00 – 17:00)

Lok Sin Lau (Block G), Lok Man Sun Chuen, To Kwa Wan

P.S. Unless otherwise specified, services will be suspended during lunch break. Please take heed of the instructions on site.

Arrangements under Poor Weather Conditions
If the Typhoon Signal No.3 (or above) AND/OR Red or Black Rainstorm Signal is being issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, Hong Kong Red Cross will cancel or delay the Health Education Station Services. Please contact 2802 0021 for details. 

Health Talk / Workshop

The Hong Kong Red Cross Community Health Service will invite registered nurse, nutritionist and other professional to share about healthy tips in facing high blood pressure, blood glucose and high blood lipid. [Please refer to the Chinese page for details.]

Health Education Station INFO PACK


Applications for Hong Kong Red Cross "Health Education Station" service and relevant Health Talk / Workshop are open for estate / organisation.
Please complete the following online forms. Our staff will be in touch with you shortly afterwards.

Application for Hong Kong Red Cross “Health Education Station”
Application for Health Talk / Workshop

P.S.1 Please make sure an appropriate parking lot is available for "Health Education Station".
P.S.2 All applications shall be reviewed thoroughly based on multiple factors. In case of any dispute, Hong Kong Red Cross reserves the right of final decision.




Enquiry / Contact Us 

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Tel: 2802 0021
Fax: 3103 4008
Address: 19 Hoi Ting Road, West Kowloon, Hong Kong