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Beyond 70•Serving from the Heart

The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) was established in 1950. Since establishment, the HKRC has evolved from an organisation providing disaster relief service, tracing service, blood collection service and hospital schools and gradually extended its scope of services and become a comprehensive humanitarian platform. Facing various challenges over the decades, the HKRC has been closely united to provide different humanitarian services to people in need.

Upcoming Events

 “Humanitarian Services in New Normal” Seminar 

Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters

Speakers from the International Red Cross and other organisations will be invited to share their insight on humanitarian values to enhance participants' understanding of humanitarian issues.




"Build HUMANITY Together" Interactive Exhibition​

Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters

Introduce the key milestones we have undergone together with the local society and our service development in the future.

Activity Highlights



Humanity City Challenge
cum Fun Day

Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters
and adjacent areas

Challenge together for humanity. Rove around online and offline streets and lanes, start from the community to practise humanity! The activity is conducted in the form of a team competition. Besides the Humanity City Challenge, a Fun Day is going to be organized as well.

Activity Details


*The above events will be rescheduled to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Details will be announced in due course.

 [Uphold the humanitarian principles despite the fast-changing social situation] - Philip TSAI, Chairperson of the Hong Kong Red Cross


  Proactively respond to the social needs   -   Bringing hope to the people in need! 


Volunteer & Convenor of the HKRC Humanitarian Education and Research Team (HEART)

Users of the HKRC Tracing Service

Alumni of the Hong Kong Red Cross Margaret Trench School


Partners & facilitator of the Hong Kong Red Cross International Humanitarian Service Leadership Program (ISLP)

ember of the HKRC Red Cross Youth - Youth Unit

Student Parent of the Hong Kong Red Cross Margaret Trench School


Member of the HKRC Elderly Unit

First Aid Service Volunteer & First Aid Lecturer

Member of the HKRC Red Cross Youth - Junior Unit

  * The above videos are available in Cantonese only. 

Join Forces Around the Globe • Build Humanity Together


Theme and Design Concept

The theme of "Build.Humanity.Together" will be launched for the anniversary. We hope to engage all walks of life to review the development of our services over the years and attract more people to support us for the practice of humanity.


The logo is combined with different shapes, including inclining ramp and staircase, showing we are united with the society, and together, we can overcome various challenges and courageously forge ahead.


The overall design of the promotional items has adopted the concept of forming a puzzle with icons and graphics about services of the HKRC and the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Cresent Movement, symbolizing our continuous adherence to the seven fundamental principles: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. The HKRC has made a concerted effort to promote diversified humanitarian services. The bright colour of our promotional items gives the public a  positive and dynamic image, as well as showing that humanitarian works, like the light in the darkness, brighten your lives.