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Future Climate Act Today


Even the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the world, the impact of climate change on mankind continues. In 2020, for example, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has responded to record-breaking 25 climate-related disasters in the Asia Pacific, including floods, typhoons, extreme cold weather and a drought. Less developed countries have been hit the hardest – for example in Philippines and Vietnam, the lives of over 31 million people were impacted by floods and typhoons last year.


Around the globe, one climate-related disaster occurs almost every day. The massive humanitarian impacts directly have affected 1.7 billion people in the past decade alone. Many people lost their homes and love ones. Many of those affected by climate related disasters have critical needs, ranging from food and basic necessities, health and psychological support, clean water and emergency shelter. As affected communities enter the reconstruction stage, they still need continuous support such as long term shelter, livelihood and food assistance, and training on community resilience.


In some places, the silence of climate impact does not allow us to realize that disasters are happening right around us, however, the fact is that for people living in developed cities, we are also suffering from extreme weathers. These include more frequent "very hot weather warnings" and super typhoons such as Mangkhut and Hato. Precious lives are lost because of climate-related disasters, it is time for us to make investment in humanitarian actions to create "Hope" for those affected. Therefore, the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) now appeals to the public to donate to support people affected by climate-related disasters and future disaster preparedness.


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Please mark "Future Climate Act Today", name and contact number at the back of crossed cheque/ bank-in slip/ 7-Eleven original cash donation receipt or at PayMe mobile app and mail to the HKRC for an official receipt. Address: Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters, 19 Hoi Ting Road, West Kowloon, Hong Kong.


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Donation enquiry tel: +852 2802 0016/ fax: +852 2802 0017/ e-mail: relief@redcross.org.hk