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Policy Donation Stories and Donation Method

Stephen is sharing story of her legacy giving

"I will naturally live a healthy life after deciding to donate happily." - Stephen Mak Kin-hung, 71, has been a donor of Hong Kong Red Cross for more than 35 years.

Stephen has been supporting Hong Kong Red Cross with blood and financial donations for many years, and has fully understood and recognized our mission and services. Three years ago, Stephen learned through the radio that there was an option for legacy donations, so he took the initiative to contact the insurance company to further inquire about this opportunity. He learned that the insured could list the designated charitable organization as the beneficiary in existing or new policies. After donating part of the amount, he took the initiative to list the Hong Kong Red Cross as one of the beneficiaries in the policy.

Stephen said that the insured of the policy is her daughter, and the beneficiaries are his wife and Stephen himself. "The policy will only be paid in the case of any unfortunate events. If my daughter dies before me, the compensation will not help that much. Who even am I? It's better to use it for a more meaningful purpose."

Talking about how young and frivolous he was when he was younger, Stephen leaned on the people around him to carry his weight, and only with their love did he redeem his reckless self. Now, Stephen hopes that he can use his abilities to be someone who "plants the seeds", hoping that one day these seeds of love can blossom and bear fruit.

Stephen has spent more than half his life helping others, and always talks about insignificant things. "Our family of three lives in public housing, we don't have much income and we don't have much insurance coverage, so we just do our best to help. In fact, we think the ability to donate blood and money is a blessing where it can only be done by the healthy." Stephen said that "when people come into this world, they have nothing to begin with and when they leave, they can't take anything with them, but they can help people. That is what is most meaningful."


Donation via an Insurance Policy method
Information you might need for Making a Policy Donation registration:
Organization Name: Hong Kong Red Cross
Address: 19 Hoi Ting Road, West Kowloon
IR. No. (Tax Exemption): 91/356
Company No./Society Reference No.: SO9000004


List the Hong Kong Red Cross as one of the beneficiaries of the life insurance policy and donate all or part of the insured amount to the Hong Kong Red Cross. For details, please visit the “LifeCare Movement - Insurance Policy Donation Program” webpage.


If you have any inquiries about the above, or plan to donate a Will or the policy sum to the Hong Kong Red Cross, please contact:

Ms. Linda Law, Donor Relationship Manager, Communications and Resource Development

Tel: +852 2507 7508

Email: linda.law@redcross.org.hk