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Hong Kong Red Cross -

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Actions for Humanity


The Hong Kong Red Cross leads and mobilizes different parties in the community to live out humanity by actions and voices.


We strive for a world in which people respect and protect human life and dignity, and where people are ready to offer impartial and voluntary aid to help improve the lives of vulnerable people.

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What We Do

Save Lives

Emergency Relief & Disaster Preparedness

Help Oneself and Others

Community Health Service & Education

Cultivate Vision

Humanitarian Engagement & Education

Unleash Potentials

Special Education & Rehabilitation


How to Support

A gift of hope
Serve the community
Bring Blessing
Blood Donation
Make deliberate effort to save, or remove factors that may threaten the life of a human being, so as to ensure effective protection and sustainment of human life.
Provide direct assistance, such as care, support and services to help alleviate the plight of those whose physiological or psychological health conditions are in distress, yet with insufficient capability to address the problem themselves.
Every person is entitled to some basic rights representing the integrity and value of human existence, which should not be infringed. These right should be advocated and respected.

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