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Emergency Tracing Service Application

To protect your personal information, please do not use public or shared computer to submit this form.

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The personal data provided by you will be used by the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) for the purpose of handling the following tracing enquiry. The provision of personal data to HKRC is voluntary. The personal data will be made available to persons working in the Red Cross on a need-to-know basis. Apart from exemptions provided under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have a right of access to and correction of personal data held on you except where the data have been erased after fulfilling the purpose of collection. Applications for access to and correction of data should be directed to emertracing@redcross.org.hk.


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I hereby authorize Hong Kong Red Cross to release my personal information to the person(s) sought and I approve of the publication / release of the personal information of mine and person(s) sought to the mass media, and also the transfer of my tracing enquiry to other National Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies during the tracing process, where necessary.

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