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President Hu Jintao visited the “Deyang Disabled Persons’ Federation, Hong Kong Red Cross Rehabilitation, Prosthetic andOrthotic Centre” Encouraged the earthquake-affected undergoing rehabilitation

(14 May 2009) President of the People’s Republic of China Hu Jintao visited the “Deyang Disabled Persons’ Federation, Hong Kong Red Cross Rehabilitation, Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre” (the Centre) on the eve of May 12 Sichuan earthquake one-year commemoration. He expressed solicitude to those installed prosthesis and received rehabilitation services at the Centre.

Upon arrival at the Centre in the afternoon on 11 May, President Hu was greeted by Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) Director (International and Relief Service) Lady Wu, Secretary General Mr. Chan Kai-ming and Centre Director Mr. Philip Chan. Representatives of HKRC introduced to President Hu the “One-stop and holistic services” provided by the Centre. After that, he visited the orthopedics consultation room, as well as the divisions of prosthesis production, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. President Hu was grateful to the work being done by HKRC’s professional volunteers Dr. Ko Wing-man and Dr. Poon Tak-lun, together with other professionals. He said, “All of you have not only brought here rehabilitation techniques, but a loving heart as well.”

President Hu also showed his care to those injured in the earthquake. He asked in detail about the progress of rehabilitation of the patients and cheered them on. He helped one of the patients Ms Liu Yi to stand up, and tied the palm fasting strip for Mr. Teng Dehua, a patient receiving occupational therapy at the Centre. Mr. Teng Dehua, injured during the earthquake and is now training on hands re-functioning at the Centre.

Besides, President Hu assisted another patient Ms Liu Chunyan to practice walking. Liu, who came from Tianchi coal mine at Deyang, smiled happily and said, “I will always remember the words of encouragement given by President Hu, ‘Strive continuously to make new progress and be optimistic’, and live a new life doughtily!”

About “Deyang Disabled Persons’ Federation, Hong Kong Red Cross Rehabilitation, Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre”

The Centre, jointly established by Hong Kong Red Cross and the Deyang Disabled Persons’ Federation in July 2008, is the first of such kind of centre set up in the earthquake affected zone after May 12 earthquake. The Centre provides one-stop and complimentary professional free services to the earthquake disabled. With the assistance of experts from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Centre provides a wide range of rehabilitation services, including orthotic treatment and care, prosthesis assessment, installation, training and follow-ups as well as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychological support and social rehabilitation services. As at the end of April, more than 500 people have received services offered by the Centre, of which over 270 people have installed prosthesis or orthotics equipments.

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