Press Release
Operation in Xinjiang

Disaster situation

In the northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, 1 million people from the prefectures of Altay, Tacheng, Hami, Changji, Ili and Bayingolin were seriously affected, with thousands people suffered from frostbite and influenza and the death toll reached 38. Victims' life supply – livestock – also suffered great loss, with some 130,000 died in the disaster.

Food assistance

The Hong Kong Red Cross donated a sum of RMB 1.3 million helped 49,000 victims in Xinjiang for 1-month food relief, as well as provision of free medical assistance. Areas covered included Altay, Tacheng, Hami, Changji, Ili and Bayingolin.

Mobile Medical Teams

Two medical teams were dispatched to the prefecture of Altay and Hami for 1-month mission. 6000 people were benefited and medicine of value RMB 93,000 was rendered free of charge for the patients.

Rehabilitation of the Sartokav township clinic

Sartokav township is one of the most remote localities in northern Xinjiang. After the collapse of its only township clinic during the blizzard, people could hardly look for medical care.
The Hong Kong Red Cross then utilized RMB 440,000 to support the rebuilding of clinic and replenishment of medical equipment. At present, rehabilitation was completed and the clinic resumed full service for the 10,000 people nearby. Not only does the capacity of the clinic improved, villagers can also enjoy a 15% discount on the treatment fee.

Pre-stocking of relief materials

Xinjiang is prone to disasters like snowstorm and earthquake. To ensure victims receive timely assistance, the Hong Kong Red Cross utilized RMB 500,000 to pre-stock relief materials like tents and warm clothing in Xinjiang, so that local Red Cross can respond more quickly in case of emergencies.

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