Press Release
The first ‘Humanity Village’ in Central Pedestrian Zone
15th Anniversary ‘Parade Carnival’ of Hong Kong Red Cross Elderly Units

(Hong Kong, 26 October 2009) A ‘humanity village’ suddenly appeared at the Central Charter Road Pedestrian precinct today, three well-attired and energetic Elderly Unit Members rose up the flag of the Hong Kong Red Cross and marked the commencement of the 15th Anniversary ‘Parade Carnival’ of Hong Kong Red Cross Elderly Units. Apart from the presentation of ‘Honorable Badge’ to the outstanding Elderly Unit Members, Dr. Leong Che-hung, GBS, JP, Chairman of the Elderly Commission, presented certificates of ‘Longevity Award’ and the ‘Long Service Award’ to ninety years old Mr. Tsoi Yuen-cheung and Ms Leung Choi-wan who has served for seventeen years. 

After the flag-raising ceremony, flag contingent composed of elderly members joined force and stepped into the venue. Villagers of the ‘Humanity Village’ (Elderly Unit Members) paraded and joyfully passed the dais and accepted the inspection of Dr. Leong Che-hung. 

Humanity Village
The idea of ‘Humanity Village’ is created by members of the Hong Kong Red Cross Elderly Units as one of the major ceremonial events to mark its 15th Anniversary celebration. Dr. Leong signed the ‘Occupation Permit’ and indicated that the ‘Humanity Village’ was officially opened. Representatives of the 25 Elderly Units established by the various elderly services organizations were presented with ceremonial keys.

To access the ‘Humanity Village’, participants have to pass through a disaster tent which has labeled ‘Humanity’. Members of the public acquired an ‘Exit & Entry Permit’ and got round the following three experience zones.

‘Disasters’ zones’ in which a time tunnel with photos stimulated the reflection on the natural and man-made disasters happened in the past nine years during the 21st century. This reflection of disasters’ happening has triggered off sadness among the viewers. A sudden darkness led the public to the earthquake of Sichuan with the commencement of relief works.  This series of photos created an emotional impact on the viewers. 

‘Humanity Service Experience Zone’ give a chance to the public to perform different roles and demonstrated the service which were in line with the mission of the International Red Cross ‘Protect human life, Care for the health of the vulnerable, Respect human dignity’. Members of the public have a chance to perform first aid service to the injured caring bear, tracing service for the lost relatives in the refugee’s camp and visited the prisoner-of-war so as to understand the inhumane treatment as experienced by the prisoner-of-war. 

‘Elderly Service Experience Zone’ allows the public to participate in various services which included promotion of blood donation; health and hygiene, fall prevention and fire safety message.  When the participants witnessed the enthusiastic and comprehensive introduction by the elderly units’ members, they were greatly impressed by the ‘elderly power’ as reflected in their voluntary services.

Elderly Units
The services of the Hong Kong Red Cross Elderly Units was in collaboration with the various elderly service organizations and by means of uniformed groups, they were committed to the Red Cross Movement and participated in the humanitarian mission of ‘Protect human life, Care for the health of the vulnerable, Respect human dignity’. All senior citizens at aged 50 or above are welcomed to join the elderly unit.


Three outstanding Elderly Unit members : (from left) Ms Leung Choi-wan, who has served as an elderly member for 17 years, is the first group of Elderly Members, received the ‘Long Service Award’; Mr. Choy chi-choy, aged 72, raises the Red Cross Flag today during the ceremony; Ms Lui Tsui-ping, aged 67, is the first to receive the Honorable Badge.


Chairman of the Elderly Commission, Dr Leong Che-hung, GBS, JP, officiates the 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong Red Cross Elderly Units ceremony and presents the Long Service Awards to Ms Leung Choi-wan.

Dr Ko Wing-man, Director of Hong Kong Red Cross, together with Dr Leong Che-hung, officiate the opening ceremony of the Humanity Village.

Elderly Unit member Mr. Choy Chi-choy, who has joined Hong Kong Red Cross for five years, is responsible for flag-raising during the ceremony.

Red Cross staff visit prisoners of war (POW) in war areas, listen to their needs and ensure they are not treated in inhuman. The Humanity Village on Charter Road demonstrates the life of POW and works of Red Cross to the general public of Hong Kong.

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