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Bangladesh Crises 2017

Bangladesh has been affected by heavy rainfall and cyclones since May this year, serious flooding made devastated damages in half of the country areas. In the past weeks, thousands of people have fled from the violence in Myanmar, crossed the border into Bangladesh. Over 8 million people in Bangladesh are in urgent needs of humanitarian support. Please donate and support the Red Cross and Red Crescent emergency operations in the affected areas.

Donation Channels

"Hong Kong Red Cross Relief and Development Account"
HSBC account number: 002-205490-006

Please send the cheque or bank-in-slip, together with the donation form (individual/corporate) to Hong KongRed Cross Headquarters, 19 Hoi Ting Road, West Kowloon.

Groups / Organizations donate or organize fundraising campaign

                                                                   (*Chinese version only)

Please dial 2802-0016, fax to 2802-0017 or email to

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