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Bangladesh Battered by Multiple Disasters
Over 8 Million of People in Urgent Humanitarian Needs
Hong Kong Red Cross Appeals for Donation for the Crisis

(Hong Kong, 22 September 2017) Bangladesh experienced several cyclones and floods this year, including cyclone “Mora” in May. Furthermore, owing to the violence in Rakhine State of Myanmar, a large number of people fled to Bangladesh’s border area Cox’s Bazar, adding burdens to the already suffering region. All these disasters and issues lead to shortage of resources and rising humanitarian needs. People are in urgent need for relief service and materials, including temporary shelters, food, water, sanitations, daily necessities, medical service and psychological support. The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) appeals for donations to support people affected by disasters in Bangladesh and those affected by violence in Myanmar. Adhering to the principle of neutrality, the Red Cross is one of the very few organizations that are providing relief services in both Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Actions by the Red Cross
The International Red Cross and Bangladesh Red Crescent deployed over 1,200 volunteers for the relief operation, benefitting approximately 800,000 people. Support offered included distribution of emergency items, provision of urgent cash grants, assistance in building of temporary shelters, building toilets and water facilities, and services by medical teams. The Red Cross also provided ‘Restore Family Link’ service to people who lost contact with family members, with 200 successful cases in 900 cases received. Since the beginning of this year the HKRC has mobilized a total of HK$1,400,000 to support relief operations in both countries, and deployed a staff to Bangladesh last month for a one-month humanitarian relief operation. A clinical psychologist will be deployed to Bangladesh on coming Saturday (23 September). Another medical volunteer who is a nurse will be deployed to Bangladesh next week to offer more support. The HKRC also provided emergency tracing service, assisting people who lost contact with their family members.

Latest Situation
Bangladesh is one of the developing countries in Asia, with a population of over 160 million. One third of the population is in extreme poverty. The country is affected by climate change and the rise of sea level in recent years. All these factors make the country vulnerable when facing disasters.

Bangladesh is affected by heavy rainfall and cyclones since May this year. The flooding is the worst one in the last 30 years, with serious damages in half of the area of the country. Moreover, Cyclone “Mora” hit the country in May, leaving massive buildings, agricultural land, infrastructures and livelihood badly damaged. In addition, violence broke out in the Rakhine State of Myanmar has led to an influx of people crossing the border to Bangladesh. Now the border area with Myanmar has accumulated 500,000 of people from Myanmar. These people gather mainly at Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh, where basic infrastructures and livelihood were already damaged by floods and cyclones. People affected can only stay in temporary shelters with poor living environment. There is a serious shortage of basic facilities and resources.

Multiple disasters made at least eight million of people in Bangladesh under an urgent need of humanitarian relief. On the other hand, in Rakhine State of Myanmar, approximately 600,000 people living in Muslim communities are in urgent need of relief, and over 23,000 civilians displaced.

On the other hand, the HKRC hosted Asia Pacific Regional Exchange Workshop - Psychosocial Support in National Emergencies in Hong Kong from 18 to 22 September, which organized by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent and facilitated by IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support. The workshop allows staff members of the Red Cross of different nations, participants from local business sectors, government and professionals of social service sector to exchange their experiences in providing psychological support services during disasters and emergencies. Dr. Eliza Cheung, who is a clinical psychologist, shared her experience in providing psychological and emotional support in Hong Kong for people affected by emergency. She will be deployed to Bangladesh on 23 September to provide psychological support to affected people in Bangladesh.

Means of Donation
The HKRC appeals for donations to support our humanitarian relief service. The donations will be used for emergency relief, reconstruction or disaster preparedness for people in Bangladesh who are affected by floods, cyclones and violence, as well as people in Myanmar who are affected by violence.

 Online donation: Please scan the QR code

 Crossed cheque make payable to "Hong Kong Red Cross Relief and Development Account" (Please mark “Bangladesh Crises 2017” at the back of the cheque)

 Bank Transfer to “Hong Kong Red Cross Relief and Development Account”
Bank: HSBC

Account number:


 7-Eleven: Designated donation period from now till 5 October 2017

Please write down “Bangladesh Crises 2017”, donor name, postage address, contact number and donor number (if applicable) at the back of the cheque/ original copy of bank-in slip/ 7-Eleven receipt, send together with the donation form to the HKRC for an official receipt. Address: Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters, 19 Hoi Ting Road, West Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Download donation form:
Donation enquiry tel: 2802 0016 / fax: 2802 0017 / e-mail:


Bangladesh is affected by heavy rainfall and typhoons continuously this year. The floods is the worst one in the past 30 years, with serious damages in half of the area of the country

Affected by heavy rainfall, agricultural land in Bangladesh is seriously damaged, which badly affected livelihood of people


Ms Karen Poon, Senior Programme Coordinator of the Hong Kong Red Cross is deployed to Bangladesh to assess needs of people affected and coordinates emergency relief operations


Red Cross and Red Crescent build water facilities in Bangladesh to enhance situation of water supply


Red Cross is actively engaged in the relief operations and provides basic necessities to people affected

About the Hong Kong Red Cross
Established in 1950, the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) is a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the world’s humanitarian network operating in 190 countries. We dedicate ourselves to protecting human life, caring for the health of the vulnerable and respecting human dignity by mobilizing people to serve for the causes of humanity. The HKRC services include blood transfusion service, bone marrow and cord blood donation, disaster relief and preparedness, first aid and health training, youth and volunteer programmes, tracing, psychological support, community care and patient concern services, special education and rehabilitation services. For details, please visit .

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*Arrangement of interview regarding our deployed staff/ volunteer in Bangladesh can be made. Please contact HKRC for details and enquiry.

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