World Disasters Report 2015 -
Focus on local actors, the key to humanitarian effectiveness
Local actors are often the most effective in conducting humanitarian operations. However, despite their critical role, they struggle to attract the funding and support they need. The World Disasters Report 2015, the annual flagship publication of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), calls for greater recognition and support for local humanitarian actors.
Joint Call for Hong Kong Public Support and Concern for Syrian Humanitarian Catastrophe
We are a group of organizations in Hong Kong. We strongly call for a commitment from the international community to offer humanitarian aid and protection to the displaced Syrians and meet their basic needs. We encourage civil society to join us and together we make a loud voice to protect humanity at all levels. We appeal for your support to alleviate the human sufferings by making donations to the organizations that respond to the Syrian crisis. We encourage you to forward this message to your family and friends so that more people can stand in solidarity with Syria. 
World First Aid Day 2015
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Hong Kong Red Cross Admiralty Headquarters Building accomplished its 50 years historical mission
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HKRC appeals for donations for the Syria Crisis urgently

In the past few months, the drastic increase of displaced Syrians has painfully revealed itself as the largest humanitarian catastrophe today. Every day, more than 20,000 Syrians, many of them women and children have risked their lives to follow the routes and have fled to Europe through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and other countries. Many more Syrians have no choice but to stay inside Syria’s brutal conflicts.

Hong Kong Humanity Award 2015
Seven Unsung Heroes Honoured for Serving the Vulnerable
The recipients of the Hong Kong Humanity Award 2015 are announced on 5 September. Six awardees of the Hong Kong Humanity Award and one awardee of the Hong Kong Humanity Youth Power are lauded for their persistent deeds in helping the vulnerable. The seven distinguished awardees, of different backgrounds, are unsung heroes in serving others without any desire for personal gain.
Red Twinkle Star Campaign 2015/16 Kick-off Ceremony
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Gather your Peer Giving Power at Red Square
The Red Square online fundraising platform has entered into its second phase. We have now added two fundraising projects into our program: the "Act of Care” project which provides regular psychological support to vulnerable groups, and the “Household Safety and First Aid Training Program” for the elderly.
Syria Crisis
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Hong Kong Humanity Award 2015