The 15th Anniversary of “Pass-it-On Campaign”
Collective “Love & Care” Strengthen the Humanitarian Force
The 15th “Pass-it-On Campaign”, organized by the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC), has successfully engaged support from the general public over the last three months, empowering the humanitarian force for the HKRC to sustain and develop its humanitarian services for the deprived population, so as to bring warmth and love to them.
Taiwan (Hualien) Earthquake 2018: Information Bulletin 1
A magnitude 6 earthquake hit Hualien County, Taiwan at 11:50 pm on 6 February 2018. So far over one hundred aftershocks were recorded, including the strongest ones of magnitude close to 4. According to the information provided by Central Operation Emergency Center of Taiwan, as of 7 February 2018 at 2 pm, 4 people were reported killed, 243 injured and 85 still missing. The earthquake has caused buildings to collapsed, electricity of 113 households and water supply of 35,000 households suspended. The Hualien County Government has closed all schools today.
Hong Kong Red Cross “Red Twinkle Star Campaign” 2017/18
Red Twinkle Star Parade cum Charity Carnival
The annual activity of HKRC “Red Twinkle Star Parade cum Charity Carnival” was held successfully today at the Zero Carbon Building. Over 2,000 parents and children have participated in the event.
Launched the City’s First “Online x Face to Face” First Aid Course
Hong Kong Red Cross Celebrates 40th Anniversary of First Aid Training
The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) has organized first aid training for over 40 years. To celebrate this special occasion, a ceremony was held today (13 January 2018) during which the city’s first “online x face to face” first aid course was launched.
Democratic Republic of Congo Crisis 2018: Work Report 1
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been suffering from long term violence in part of the country, under development, poverty and food insecurity over the past years.
Iran Earthquake 2017: Work Report 1
On 12 November 2017, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit Kermanshah province of Western Iran, along the border with Iraq. More than 569 people are reported dead and 9,000 people are injured. Over 427,000 people are affected with numerous houses are damaged. Almost a thousand of aftershocks in the following weeks made the relief operation difficult and the emergency relief phase is expected to last for months until 2018.
Philippines Tropical Storm Tembin 2017: Work Report 1
Between 22 and 26 December 2017, tropical storm Tembin caused major damage to the Island of Mindanao in Southern Philippines. More than 170 people have been killed and 176 people are reported missing. Over 540,000 people in 23 provinces have been affected and 97,583 people are staying in 261 evacuation centers. Furthermore, tropical storm Tembin has substantially impacted shelter and livelihoods and caused damage to crops and critical infrastructure including roads, bridges and power transmission lines.
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