China Floods 2016:Work Report 1
Since June 2016, many provinces, particularly in southern parts, in China have been severely affected by heavy rain and hailstorm.
HKRC and HKPS Provide Psychological Support Hotline Service for Emotionally Disturbed Persons in the Ngau Tau Kok Fire Incident

In response to the fire at an industrial building in Ngau Tau Kok, HKRC and HKPS have activated the “Psychological Support Hotline Service” which will be available up to Sunday, 26 June.

Sri Lanka Floods and Landslide 2016: Work Report 1
Since 14 May 2016, heavy and continuous rainfall brought by a tropical depression in the Bay of Bengal, has triggered severe floods and landslides in 22 out of 25 districts in Sri Lanka. Over 100 people have been killed and 4,000 houses destroyed or damaged.  According to the Sri Lanka government, at the peak of the floods at least 427,000 people were affected and more than 300,000 people have to reside in temporary camps. The floods situation is reported as the worst that hit the country in 25 years. Both urban and rural communities are affected, causing considerable economic losses especially to the vulnerable.
Jiangsu Hailstorm 2016: Information Bulletin 1
Funing and Sheyang County of Yancheng Prefecture, Jiangsu Province were affected by thunder storms, heavy rain, wind storms, hails and tornado in the afternoon of 23 June 2016. Widespread destructions were made in the affected areas. Cars were swept away, factories and schools collapsed, electricity and telecommunications were disrupted.
5.12 Sichuan Earthquake 8-year On
An earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale struck Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province on 12 May 2008. More than 10 million people were affected. The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) has completed all post-disaster reconstruction programmes in 2012
Top Ten Humanity News Elected by Secondary Students
Concern for International “Inhumane” Incidents
International humanitarian issues dominated the 2015/16 “Top Ten Humanity News” voted by about 5,000 secondary students, with the top three items they concerned most related to the Islamic State (IS) brutalities.
The 14th Red Cross International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Moot
24 Teams of Asia-Pacific Law Students Compete in Humanitarian Law Trials
Over a hundred of law students from 21 Asia-Pacific cities gathered in Hong Kong and participated in the 14th Red Cross International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Moot (Asia-Pacific Region) in the middle of last month. A total of 24 teams of law students battled in a series of simulated trials of controversial issues related to armed conflicts and humanitarian challenges including commission of genocide; bombing hospital suspected of armed with anti-aircraft missiles; armed robot in fully autonomous mode firing civilians and wounded soldiers; as well as closure of border to prevent flood of refugees.
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The 14th Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot
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