Africa Famine 2017: Work Report 1
Africa is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in decades, resulting in regional food insecurity crisis. Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan, are amongst the most affected at this moment.
A Decade of Humanity – Growing in Strength
Alan Tam Kicks Off the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Humanity Award

The kickoff ceremony of Hong Kong Humanity Award 2017 was held today (22 March), calling on the public to nominate individuals in society who exemplify the very spirit of humanity by putting it into practice and action. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Award. With “A Decade of Humanity – Growing in Strength” as its theme, the Award aims to bring together humanitarian forces in the society and to move forward together. The Award is now accepting nomination, from now until 5 May.

Syria Crisis: 6 Years On
The six-year conflict that started in 2011 in Syria dragged on, 400,000 people lost their lives with approximately 1.5 million people injured. Recently in November and December 2016, 120,000 people fled under the intensified fighting in Aleppo, the major city in Northern Syria. Shelling and airstrikes continued to cause civilian casualties even now. Attacks also continued in other cities and increasing number of casualties has no sign to an end.
“Pass-it-On 2016” Fundraising Campaign
Your Support Has Made Our Humanitarian Mission Possible
The HKRC annual fundraising campaign “Pass-it-On 2016” has successfully gained donation support from the general public over the last three months, empowering the humanitarian force for the HKRC to sustain and develop its services for the deprived population, so as to bring warmth and love to them.
Red Cross Volunteers Witness Irretrievable Harm of Conflict in Syria
Hong Kongers are Urged to Offer Help

Clashes are still ongoing around Syria but it seems that the crisis is gradually forgotten by Hong Kongers. Last December, the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) for the first time arranged a team of volunteers to visit Jordan, where a lot of Syrians have taken refuge. Having borne witness to the plight of the Syrians, these volunteers have appealed to Hong Kongers with the message that “Syrians need our concern, support and assistance!”

Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station Fire: Psychological Support Hotline Extends to 14 Feb

In view of the extensive impact of the incident in the community, the hotline service of the HKRC will be extended to 14 February (Tuesday) to provide assistance to the needy.

Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station Fire: Psychological Support Hotline

In response to the fire at the MTR station in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Hong Kong Red Cross has set up a special psychological support hotline 3628 1180 immediately on 10 February to assist the needy, and the service is extended to 10am to 10pm, 13 February (Monday). The hotline is handled by clinical psychologists and trained volunteers.

Regarding the concerned incident, with the agreement of individuals in need, the Hong Kong Red Cross can refer cases to Clinical Psychological Services of Social Welfare Department after assessment.

Hotline service hours:
12 February (Sunday) to 13 (Monday): 10am to 10pm

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