Hong Kong Red Cross Flag Day 2019 - Join Humanitarian Work Through Hong Kong Red Cross


Bosnia and Herzegovina Population Movement Work Report (1)
Since 2015, Balkan countries have been experiencing a significant influx of people fleeing their own countries out of violence or conflicts, a majority of these people is reported to come from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Syria.
“Pass-it-On Campaign 2018”
Over 1,300 Enthusiastic Volunteers Share “Love & Care”
The 16th Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) “Pass-it-On Campaign” was completed in January 2019. The campaign successfully engaged the general public, empowering the humanitarian force for the HKRC to sustain and develop its services for people in need, so as to bring warmth and love to them.
Hong Kong Red Cross “Red Twinkle Star Campaign” 2018/19
Red Twinkle Star Parade cum Charity Carnival
The annual activity of the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) “Red Twinkle Star Parade cum Charity Carnival” was organized today at the Zero Carbon Building to disseminate and encourage children and parents to live up to the spirt of humanitarianism, and hope that children will grow with good traits, understand humanity and act as “Humanity Heroes”.
Indonesia: Mount Anak Krakatau Eruption and Sunda Strait Tsunami 2018: Information Bulletin 2
A tsunami hit the coasts of the Sunda Strait of Indonesia on 22 December 2018. The provinces of Banten and Lampung from both sides of the Strait are reportedly most affected.
Indonesia: Mount Anak Krakatau Eruption and Sunda Strait Tsunami 2018: Information Bulletin 1
A tsunami with waves of 30-90 cm hit the coast of the Sunda Strait of Indonesia on 22 December 2018 local time in the evening. The districts of Pandeglang, Serang and South Lampung districts are reportedly most affected. Initial prediction from local authorities on the cause of the event could be that a possible underwater landslide due to the eruption of Mount Anak Krakatau combined with higher than usual tides due to the full moon.
Hong Kong Red Cross “Love & Found – Agent Investigation Day”
Over 1,000 Secret Agents Join Hands with Reddie Bear to Promote Love and Care
The highlight of the Hong Kong Red Cross’ (HKRC) “Pass-it-On Campaign 2018” – the “Love & Found – Agent Investigation Day” has been hosted in the HKRC Headquarters today. Over 1,000 Secret Agents have responded to the call of Agent Mr Alex Fong and Reddie Bear to participate in a series of challenging missions to understand more about the HKRC’s disaster preparedness works and raise funds for humanitarian services.
Humanity Wall – U + Humanity Annual Event 2018

Hong Kong Red Cross, with the support of the major universities in HK, will launch Humanity Wall event in November this year.

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