Thank you for your Great Support to the Sichuan Earthquake Operation

Since the Sichuan earthquake happened on 12 May, we have received a total donation over HK$1.27 billion from individual and corporate donors. Hundreds of thousands receipts were involved including individual donors (staff, customers and members) networked by over 800 companies. The workload for handling huge amount of receipts was exceeded the limited administrative capacity of our organization. We are grateful to have very great patience from our donors during the period. All donation receipts have been sent out in late November. Hong Kong Red Cross would like to express our deepest gratitude to every single donor for your generous support.

Any enquiries on the donation receipts, please feel free to contact 28020021

Work Report  

Highlights on Relief Operations 2008

Press Releases
06/11/2008 Commencement of HKRC-funded RMB 75 million earthquake rehabilitation projects in Gansu
03/11/2008 The First Rehabilitation, Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre Opened After Sichuan Earthquake
03/10/2008 Kick-off of Hong Kong Red Cross 5.12 Earthquake Rehabilitation Project at Shaanxi
10/09/2008 HKRC 5-year commitment to serve disabled persons in China signified in Beijing
02/09/2008 Hong Kong Red Cross mobilized HK$1.4million for recent earthquake relief operations in Sichuan and Yunnan
19/08/2008 Hundred days after the 5.12 earthquake HKRC supporting recovery & reconstruction projects in three affected provinces
02/07/2008 HKRC supporting the set-up of the 1st Rehabilitation, Prosthetic and Orthopaedic Centre in Sichuan after 5.12 Earthquake
11/06/2008 Mrs Selina Tsang Visited Earthquake Affected Area
And Discussed with Local Authority on HKRC’s Reconstruction Plan
04/06/2008 Donation Reached HK$850 million for Quake Relief HSBC and its Designated Account Contribute the Largest Portion
28/05/2008 Red Cross Planning to use about HK$700 million on earthquake Recovery and Reconstruction in 5 Aspects
26/05/2008 HK Red Cross Raised HK$620 million donation Invited Independent Auditing Firm for Consultancy 
21/05/2008 Total donation amount reached HK$490 million
HK Red Cross Focusing on Restoring Intermediate Medical Support
19/05/2008 Red Cross continuous supporting medical work in earthquake affected areas
15/05/2008 6 Red Cross Medical Professional Volunteers Joined the Relief Effort
14/05/2008 Hong Kong Red Cross Mobilized HK$15 Million for Relief Operations
First Team of Professional Volunteers arrived to assist in relief operation
13/05/2008 Two teams of HKRC personnel have arrived disaster affected area
Emergency appeal to public in support of Earthquake affected people
5.12 Earthquake Relief Interim Report and Future Work Plan
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Psychological Support Materials in Disasters